About Us

About Canty Tax Services

Canty Tax Services was established in 2015 to provide individual, small business, and corporation tax preparation services with a personal touch. We understand that all taxpayers are unique and no two returns are the same. From basic personal income tax returns to complicated tax scenarios, such as incentive-based compensation (ISO/RSU), investment/rental properties, self-employed, etc., you can rely on Canty Tax Services to get the job done accurately and promptly.

Our goal is to ensure that you only pay the amount of income tax that you are legally required to. While it is always the goal to obtain a refund, Canty Tax Services will never promise that you’ll receive a refund. Any tax professional or firm that promises refunds should be scrutinized and/or avoided.


About Matt Canty

With over 16 years in the financial services industry and 8 years focusing on tax preparation, Matt has built a tax practice focused on long-term relationships with his clients. Through his keen ability to relate to each and every one of his clients, Matt provides personalized service that you simply cannot get at the national franchise tax companies.